Astrophysics I: Stars and Planets

Astronomy 301

Usual Description

Astrophysics is physical analysis applied to astronomical problems. We will develop some of the basic tools of astrophysics in this course. Radiation theory including thermal and non-thermal radiation will be studied as well as the transfer of radiation through typical astrophysical media. Other topics will include star formation, degenerate matter, atomic physics in an interstellar setting, and the detection of electromagnetic radiation over a broad range of wavelength regimes.

Course Listings

These are all of the listings of this course recorded in the Oberlin course catalog since the fall of 2007.

Listing Semester Professor
Astronomy 301 Taught by Daniel Stinebring
Astronomy 301
Astronomy 301
Astronomy 301 Taught by Dan Stinebring
Astronomy 301 Taught by Christopher Martin