China and Japan in the French Imaginary

French 419

Usual Description

In this course students will examine French representations of East Asia from the late 19th century to the present. Through close readings of films, paintings, comic books, and literary texts, students will expand their sense of the visual/verbal literary with which one ‘reads culture’ through these different literary and artistics media. Topics addressed will include “chinoiseries” and “japonisme,”literary exoticism, French Maoism, travel literature, war documentaries, and the challenges of cross-cultural exchange. Taught in French.

Areas of Interest
China, France, and Japan
China France Japan
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These are all of the listings of this course recorded in the Oberlin course catalog since the fall of 2007.

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French 419 Taught by Grace An
French 419 Taught by Grace An
French 419 Taught by Grace An