Music of Indonesia

Ethnomusicology 205

Usual Description

Indonesia is an archipelagic state home to incredible cultural and musical diversity. This course will begin with a brief survey of the music of Southeast Asia, before moving on to a closer examination of musics of Indonesia that takes into account both sociocultural contexts and musical structure. We will study gamelan (large bronze gong ensembles) of Java and Bali, along with associated theatrical and dance practices. These classical traditions will be juxtaposed with a unit on the musics of West Sumatra, including gong ensembles, vocal practices, and a martial-arts based theater form. Students will learn to perform several of these styles. Other topics will involve a survey of the diverse practices throughout the archipelago, music and Islam, and pop musics. Enrollment Limit: 30.

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Ethnomusicology 205
Ethnomusicology 205 Taught by Jennifer Fraser