Biology 309 or Biology 215

Usual Description

This course presents birds both as a unique group and as representative of vertebrates. It emphasizes evolution, systematics, physiology, morphological specialization, ecology, and behavior of birds, and introduces students to methods used in ornithological research. Laboratory meets on alternate Saturday or alternate Sunday mornings and emphasizes field identification, field techniques, morphology, habitat relationships, migration, behavior, and information literacy. Some lab projects require work outside of scheduled lab periods. Living and preserved bird specimens are used. Field trips required. Formerly listed as BIOL 215.

Course Listings

These are all of the listings of this course recorded in the Oberlin course catalog since the fall of 2007.

Listing Semester Professor
Biology 309 Taught by Keith Tarvin
Biology 215 Taught by Keith Tarvin
Biology 215 Taught by Keith Tarvin