Sound and Image Workshop

Cinema Studies 201

Usual Description

This workshop follows the idea that we may understand film by making as well as analyzing it. We will explore basic issues in cinema through hands-on experience, marrying critical study (How are movies structured and why? How do they affect audiences?) to production work (exercises and projects in cinematography, sound, mise-in-scene, and editing). In short, we will probe the broad question of how films generate meaning by composing with sounds and images. Serves as prerequisite for advanced production courses. Consent by instructor required. Enrollment Limit: 12.

Course Listings

These are all of the listings of this course recorded in the Oberlin course catalog since the fall of 2007.

Listing Semester Professor
Cinema Studies 201 Taught by Rian Brown-Orso
Cinema Studies 201 Taught by Rian Brown-Orso or Geoff Pingree