The Bible's Poets & the Poets' Bible

English 229

Usual Description

In what ways can we consider the English Bible to be a poetic text? How has the English Bible influenced poetry in English? With these primary questions in mind, we’ll read biblical texts (e.g. Genesis, Isaiah, Ecclesiastes, Job, Ruth, Esther, Luke, John, Pauline Epistles, Revelation) and the works of such poets as Donne, Herbert, Milton, Traherne, Crashaw, Watts, Wordsworth, Whitman, Tennyson, Rossetti, Eliot, Stevens, and Hill. American OR British (not both), 1700-1900.

Time Periods

Pre-200 and 1700 - 1900

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English 229 Taught by DeSales Harrison
English 229 Taught by DeSales Harrison