Cheryl Cottine

Assistant Professor at — Religion



  • Doctorate, Indiana University, 2014
  • Master's, Indiana University, 2007
  • Bachelor's, Bucknell University, 2004
Institutional Connections
  • Valparaiso

    Participate as a speaker in the freshman honors college seminar

Geographic Expertise
East Asia and China
Time Periods

550 - 221 B.C.

Courses Taught

These are the regularly taught courses tracked by ObieMAPS that Cheryl has taught.

Course Listings Semesters
Conceptions of the Self East and West First-Year Seminar Program 050 Fall 2015 and Fall 2016
Environmental Ethics Religion 248 Fall 2015 and Spring 2017
Issues in Medical Ethics Religion 249 Fall 2016
Modern Moral Issues in Religious Perspective Religion 245 Fall 2016
Research ENVS (ARHU) - Full Environmental Studies 501 Fall 2016
Seminar: Virtue, Religion, and the Good Life Religion 347 Spring 2017