Claire Solomon

Assistant Professor at — Comparative Literature and Hispanic Studies

  • Ph.D., Yale University, 2007
  • M.A., Yale University, 2001
  • M.Phil., Yale University, 2001
  • B.A., Oberlin College, 1998
Institutional Connections
  • University of Michigan

    Ann Arbor, MI, United States

    I worked here for 2 1/2 years and have working relationships with faculty in Women's Studies, Institute for Research on Women and Gender (IRWG), Near Eastern Studies, Comparative Literature, Romance Languages & Literatures, and the Residential College

  • Washington University in St. Louis

    St Louis, MO, United States

    I worked here for 3 years and have working relationships with faculty in Romance Languages & Literatures and Comparative LIterature.

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Time Periods


Courses Taught

These are the regularly taught courses tracked by ObieMAPS that Claire has taught.

Course Listings Semesters
Autonomy & Economics in Liter Comparative Literature 404 Spring 2017
Autonomy & Economics in Liter Hispanic Studies 404 Spring 2017
Avant-Garde in America: Golems, Anarchists & Dreamgirls of Popular Theater Comparative Literature 402 or Hispanic Studies 402 Spring 2014
Avant-Garde in America LxC Comparative Literature 403 or Hispanic Studies 403 Spring 2014
Cien A?os de Soledad Hispanic Studies 337 Fall 2016
Colloquium on Hispanic Literature Hispanic Studies 306 or Hispanic Studies 307 Fall 2011 and Fall 2012
Honors - Full Hispanic Studies 505 Spring 2015, Fall 2015, and Fall 2016
Intermediate Spanish I Hispanic Studies 202 Spring 2013 and Fall 2015
Intermediate Spanish II Hispanic Studies 203 Spring 2012, Fall 2014, Spring 2015, and Spring 2017
Introduction to Literary Analysis: Text and Context in Hispanic Literature Hispanic Studies 306 Fall 2014 and Fall 2015
Julio Cortazar's Rayuela Hispanic Studies 421 Fall 2014
Melodrama and Cultural Anxiety in Latin America Hispanic Studies 335 Spring 2013 and Spring 2014
Popular Culture in Latin America Hispanic Studies 324 Spring 2015
Radical Reading & Writing: Imagination in the World First-Year Seminar Program 073 Fall 2013 and Fall 2016
Survey of Latin American Literature II Hispanic Studies 318 Fall 2011